Who are we?

We are just like you- we eat, sleep, party, hangout, waste our time on social networking sites, study (ok, that was a joke), and we think we’re better than anyone else (yes or no?). Every time we would plan to throw a party, shopping for party props would always be a difficult task to do! We were two lazy lads who’d prefer to shop online rather than going to the market and hunting for such products. For some strange reason, we could never find a product in the normal market for which we would fall as soon as we saw it- something that is new and fun to try out! (Love at first sight type). So in January , 2014 we started doing some initial research on various products and finally in April, 2014, we got our act together and narrowed down to a bunch of fun things that we’d have loved to buy and use 🙂

How did the name “Mini Bazar” come up?

There was this much discussed topic in January , 2014 that became the talk of the country- “inflation of prices of each and everything”. While deciding the name of the brand, we thought we should name it after something with which people can actually connect with. We are one of those filmy birds who use those creepy dialogues in almost everything that we say. One of us randomly said “Big bazar s best for his prices and schemes” and that’s how we related the two of the much discussed topics and came up with “Mini Bazar”.  We fell in love with the name immediately and within a day or so got the domain name registered.

The letterM in the basket represents the money and letterB long with M represents budget of a customer. That’s what Mini Bazar is all about- Common yet Cool!